Under the Radar

Outsourcing Gets Outed



Pop quiz: is this picture (A) an outtake from the hit summer movie The Hangover or (B) photos of actual ArmorGroup guards hired by the US Government to protect the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan? 

If you guessed (B), congratulate yourself for being someone who understands the perils of a privatized military.

News broke today that the State Department is now investigating ArmorGroup (a subsidiary of Wackenhut Services) after photographs surfaced on Gawker showing the hazing rituals at Camp Sullivan, the guards' quarters situated a few miles from the embassy.

The picture above is the only one we can get away with publishing here, but feel free to wander over to Gawker for the really graphic stuff. This probably isn't exactly what Dick Cheney had it mind. 

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