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Herschel Walker Gives Up on the Pro Football Hall of Fame



Herschel Walker has enjoyed an amazing football career. In his college career, he anchored the offense for the University of Georgia's only National Championship squad in 1980, winning the Heisman Trophy in 1982.

He left school early to join the New Jersey Generals of the startup USFL and, after that league folded, he jumped to the Dallas Cowboys and enjoyed a hugely productive NFL career.

Walker's combined USFL and NFL statistics make him one of the most productive pro backs ever. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has finally come around to the idea that he deserves credit for all his career yards, adding Walker to the list of players under consideration for 2010 induction into the hall.

So you have to wonder why Herschel just signed a deal with Strikeforce and announced that he plans to begin his career as a 47-year-old MMA fighter next spring once he's completed his a training program at the American Kickboxing Academy.

Is Herschel really that bored? There's no way Roger Goodell and the other control freaks in the NFL corporate offices will think this is good for the league's precious "image." Hell, Roger would probably suspend Walker right now if he could get away with it.

Good luck with the mixed martial arts, old man Walker. They'll probably give you another shot at the Hall of Fame when you're 70. (via FanHouse)

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