Under the Radar

Body Count is Zero

The Dead Weather's drummer Jack White survives a remarkable strafing from lead singer Allison Mosshart in this new video for "Treat Me Like Your Mother." 

It looks like Jack's carrying an AR-15, while Allison seems to have some version of an MP5. Feel free to offer any corrections below in the comments. 

The Dead Weather is a side project number two for Jack White, who's also been playing with the Raconteurs while he's been on vacation from the White Stripes. Just to keep things interesting, Jack's playing drums instead of guitar this time. Allison is the American lead singer for UK-based duo the Kills. Even though they don't get to be in the video, the Dead Weather also features guitarist Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age and bassist Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs. Their album "Horehound" is out now.

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