Under the Radar

The Case Against Ted Nugent


Ted Nugent rages against hippies in a new interview with the Phoenix New Times. In town for the NRA convention, Nugent goes on about the "sheer buffoonery of the hippies: getting stoned and drooling and puking and stumbling and falling all over themselves and killing themselves."

Unfortunately for the Nuge, there's visual evidence of his past in the Amboy Dukes. Most proud Americans in 1968 would certainly have identified Ted as a hippie and I suspect most proud Americans today would do the same if forced to watch "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" or the equally awesome performance of "Flight of the Byrd" from the Ray Anthony show ("Hey, gang! Want to hear some underground music?").

Ted Nugent might argue that he comes from the defiant Detroit '60s punk tradition that gave us the Stooges, the MC5 or the Bob Seger System, all bands that wanted to kill the hippies, but I bet your mom wouldn't make that fine a distinction.

Ted also defends Rush Limbaugh's rights as a drug addict, compares President Obama to Jimmy Carter and says Canadians don't need guns because they're so nice. Read the entire interview here.

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