Military PCS and Relocation

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Ready or not, when Uncle Sam says it's time to hit the road for your next military move. Going through a permanent change of station (PCS) move can be one of the most stressful parts of military life, but is here to help. From tips and tricks to all the military move and PCS benefits information you need,'s experts know what it's like to move with the military because we've done it, too.

There are three main types of stateside military moves -- moves you do yourself, known as "personally procured moves" (PPM) or do-it-yourself (DITY), relocations you let the military hire movers for, and moves done as a combination of the two, known as a partial-PPM or a partial-DITY. Which option you choose changes how much work you have to do for your move and what kind of expenses are reimbursed when it's all over.

Doing a PPM means you have complete control over your move process, but also have to do a lot of work. Letting the government contract your movers or doing a partial-PPM, where you move some of your own things and are reimbursed accordingly, gives you less control but also potentially brings less stress. If you have received last minute orders you may have to source your own move through a PPM whether you like it or not. And if your spouse is gone when you need to move, letting government-sourced contractors take the whole thing may make the most sense.

Moving overseas? Movers and shippers contracted by the military will pack your items and ship it in crates to your new location. Other portions of your household goods can also be left stateside in storage until you return.

Are you completely ready for your move? Do you know the best how-tos, have a handle on checklists and know exactly how to file for reimbursement if your items are accidentally lost or broken? does. Our PCS and Relocation section has everything you need to know in one easy spot.

PCS Process Guides and Tips

PCS Overview

The government will reimburse many costs associated with a PCS move. Here is an overview of what you can expect.

Tips for a Smooth PCS Move

A smooth move for household goods is possible during peak moving season with proper planning and attention to detail -- here...

Free PCS Guide
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Home Rental Guide

Renters Insurance

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10 Tips for Renting

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Family Relocation Tips

5 PCS Money Tips

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PCS Support Groups

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