Replacing Broken Items in a PCS


Something is bound to break in the PCS process. And, if it does, Uncle Sam will reimburse your military family for the cost of the broken item. Servicemembers and Department of Defense civilians are eligible for the Full Replacement Value (FRV) coverage.

FRV shipments are covered under the following PCS circumstances:
• International shipments (to / from OCONUS)
• Domestic shipments (within CONUS)
• Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) shipments
• Local Move / Direct Procurement Method (DPM) shipments

Under the FRV program, the Transportation Service Provider (TSP)/ Carrier is liable for the greater of $5,000 per shipment or $4.00 times the net weight of the shipment (in pounds), up to $50,000.

Providing prompt notice of loss and damage will still be an essential part of the process.

You must submit the DD Form 1840, which requires that you list all damage discovered at delivery.  Or, the DD Form 1840R which lists all damage discovered after delivery to the TSP within 75 days of delivery. The TSP has the right to inspect the damaged items once the notice forms are received.

There is no additional cost to you for FRV coverage, but you must file the claim directly with the TSP within nine months of delivery by using the DD Form 1844 to receive FRV. The TSP will settle the claim by repairing or paying to repair damaged items. The TSP will pay FRV cost on items that need replacing or have been lost or destroyed. When the claim is filed directly with the TSP, the TSP will be responsible for obtaining all repair and replacement costs.

If the TSP denies you full claim, makes an offer on the claim that is not acceptable, or does not respond within 30 days, you may transfer the claim to the Military Claims Office (MCO). If you file a claim with the TSP after nine months, but before the two-year time limit for filing the claim, the TSP is only liable for depreciated value of lost or damaged items.

If the TSP does not respond to the claim within 30 days, or makes an offer that you do not accept, you may transfer the claim to the MCO within nine months of delivery. If the Customer transfers the claim, the MCO will only be responsible for depreciated replacement cost on the claims. The MCO will then attempt to recover FRV from the TSP. If the MCO recovers FRV, the MCO will then pay the member the difference between the depreciated cost already paid and the FRV cost.

The military's official move portal,, has a handy page explaining the process. See it here.

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