Can We Have Some of Our Goods Delivered and Some Stored?

Movers unload a van.
Movers unload a van. (U.S. Navy/Russell Stewart)

My wife and I are prepping for a move from San Diego to Washington, D.C. We will be moving from a large house with a garage to a two-bedroom apartment. Will they deliver some of our stuff to the new apartment, and the rest to a rented storage unit in D.C.?  Or do we have to put all storage items in storage ourselves once they arrive? 

Living small always sounds good in theory, but when it comes to the actual downsizing, it can be a real pain. I always think I'll choose which items to store before the actual move, but talk myself out of it because I don't know which of my furniture options will fit best in the new place until I get there.

But to get the movers to deliver some of your stuff to one place and the rest of it to another, planning ahead is exactly what you have to do. When you register for your move, you can declare an "extra delivery," according to military moving officials, and then separate which items you want delivered to each location before the packers and movers come and do their work. The items you want shipped to storage will be notated that way on the inventory list.

If you don't make this happen before they do the pack out, you can also identify which boxes you want delivered where by inventory number, although officials warned doing so could easily lead to mix-ups. They also said that if you don't note that you want an extra delivery at the time you register for your move, your local shipping notice can file a correction with your assigned transportation provider.

One more important note: Just like all of these entitlement issues, they are up to the individual service. That means that any of the services could decide at any time not to provide this part of the benefit.

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