PCS Checklist: Final Days Before Move


On the final days before your move, be sure you take care of the following items. [For the full list of PCS checklists, see this page.]

To Do Done?
Separate items that will not be packed, including suitcases.  
Ship as "unaccompanied baggage" items that will help set up housekeeping at your new address, such as linens, dishes, etc.  
Keep a household inventory list on hand, and carry it with you.  
Make a complete inventory of all the boxes you will move to your new location -- you will need to check this later after you move in.  
Attach colored stickers to your boxes to correspond with rooms in your new home where you want your boxes to go. If you are using movers, prepare a color-coded map of your new house, so they'll know exactly where to take your belongings.  
Secure your cash, jewelry, important documents, your checkbook and other valuable items, and carry them yourself.  
If you are renting a truck or other vehicle for your move, check it over to make sure everything is running properly.  
Accurately note the condition of belongings. If anything is marked "scratched, dented or soiled," note the location of the problem.  
Clean your refrigerator and freezer, and dry them for 1-2 days with doors propped open To avoid musty odors, place several charcoal briquettes in a stocking or sock in both the freezer and refrigerator.  
Discard partly-used cans/containers of substances that may leak. Carefully tape and place in individual waterproof bags any jars of liquid you plan to take with you.  
Disconnect gas and electrical appliances -- moving companies are NOT required to perform disconnects or reconnections.  
Remove hanging objects scheduled for shipping from the walls, ceilings, and cabinet. This includes curtain rods, kitchenware (kitchen utensil, food racks), mirrors, and pictures.  
Remove outside TV antennas, and disconnect satellite dishes.  
Remove air conditioners from windows.  
Drain water from hot tubs and waterbeds.  
Switch utility services to your new address.    

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