PCS Checklist: Three Weeks Before Move


Three weeks before your move, be sure you take care of the following items. [For the full list of PCS checklists, see this page.]

To Do Done?
If you are an active duty service member, contact your military pay office to recertify Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ) and have sign-off on your PCS.  
Reconfirm packing, pick-up and delivery dates with mover.  
If you have a military ID card, check the expiration date and update it if necessary.  
Notify your credit card companies of your new or temporary address.  
Notify your stock broker or investment counselor of your new or temporary address.  
Transfer bank accounts and your safe deposit box. Arrange for credit references.  
If possible, settle all your outstanding bills.  
Cancel all local deliveries and services, such as newspapers and diaper service.  
Retrieve all items you have loaned out.  
Confirm your change of address with the US Postal Service.  
Plan menus from what you have remaining in the freezer and cabinets.  
Remove old TSP markings and stickers from furniture and boxes.  
If you are using the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO), reconfirm moving dates.  
Have drapes and carpets cleaned; DO NOT leave in plastic wrappers.  
Clean up your current living space or quarters.  
Clean out your attic, crawl space, or similar storage area within the residence.  
Renew and pick up any necessary prescriptions. Obtain prescription slips in case you need refills on the road. Pack medicine in leakproof, spillproof containers.  
If you are an active service member making use of military weight allowances, separate your professional books, papers and equipment (PBP&E). These items will be weighed and listed separately on your shipping inventory. Make sure the packers know these are your professional items -- their weight will not be counted into your weight allowance.  
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