PCS Checklist: Three Months Before Move


Three months before your move, be sure you take care of the following items. [For the full list of PCS checklists, see this page.]

To Do Done?
If you are an active service member, make an appointment for a counseling session at your base transportation office.  
Decide whether you want to make a Personally Procured Move (PPM), or have the government handle everything for you.  
Start saving for non-reimbursable moving expenses.  
Discuss the moving process with your children to overcome their fear of relocation.  
Start planning for special moving needs if you have an infant.  
Notify your landlord you will be moving, but do not give him or her an exact date right now.  
Begin making shipping arrangements for your vehicle(s) if necessary. If you are using your base transportation office, schedule a counseling session.  
Start keeping track of tax-deductible moving expenses (i.e., the cost of pre-move househunting).  
Make an inventory of possessions and valuable items (take pictures or video tape). Get appraisals for antiques or collections.  
Start organizing personal records like birth certificates, insurance papers or warranties.  
Make a list of whom to notify concerning your move and forwarding address.  
Let clubs/organizations that you belong to know you are leaving. Transfer your membership if possible.  
Take care of necessary medical, optical or dental appointments.  
Obtain your records or find out how to forward them later.  
Have Power of Attorney or Letter of Authorization drawn up for unforeseen circumstances.  
Go through closets and drawers to sort through clothes and other items to give away or sell.  
Make sure all stickers from previous moves have been removed from furniture.  
Do not place any more mail order purchases.  
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