PCS Checklist: One Month Before Move


One month before your move, be sure you take care of the following items. [For the full list of PCS checklists, see this page.]

To Do Done?
Schedule pickup and delivery dates with your mover, and arrange for storage if needed.  
Verify your move-in schedule with real estate agents and landlords; arrange for temporary housing if needed.  
If you haven't found a new residence yet, obtain a post office box or forwarding address for your mail until you have a permanent address.  
If you haven't done so already, visit your military financial center or private advisor for financial counseling.  
If you are on active duty, check with Travel and Transportation Allowances to see if you are entitled to advanced pay or other benefits.  
Get rid of any unwanted items around your house (furniture, clothes, etc.). You can sell them online, hold a garage sale or donate them to charity. Keep any receipts from your donations for tax purposes.  
Arrange to pick up your children's school records or get the proper procedures for sending the records to their new school.  
Arrange for letter of transfer from local church and clubs, including Scouts or other national organizations.  
If your family is driving in two or more vehicles, buy some short-range walkie-talkies so you can keep in touch while you're on the road.  
If you or someone in your family is employed, arrange with your employer to forward tax withholding forms.  
Ensure that all health, life, fire and auto insurance is up to date, and inform these companies of your new address.  
Return library books and other borrowed items.  
Ensure that your vehicle(s) are in good running condition and that all required maintenance has been completed.  
Record serial numbers of electronic and other important equipment.  
Fill out an IRS change of address form (available from the IRS in PDF format).  
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