New Year's? Nah, Give Me a PCS Resolution

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What a difference a year makes.

Over a busy weekend, I continually reminded myself I still had the task of sewing fleece hats for my sixth grader’s class party. So of course, this found me diligently hunched over my machine Monday morning, finishing the hats in peace and quiet with everyone out of the house.

The preceding night at a dinner, a woman beside me asked why I was doing such a time consuming project. We had just met so she was unaware that the hat project was a huge step down for me. A much needed, big breath of relaxed air, step down for me. A year ago the whole shebang would most likely have been on my shoulders. As well as the holiday celebrations in just about every pot I had placed a spoon. I was quite content, and happy, with the at-home project ... just me and the hum of my sewing machine.

Moving is waaaay better than any New Year’s resolution; it gives a chance to start over fresh, continuing with the good and leaving the difficult in the dust. Speaking with a retired military spouse recently, she quite eloquently said, “Moving is a great way to bow out of commitments with grace.”


No one asks if you will head up this or that, why you are or aren't, if you are crazy and don’t enjoy free time, or what you will do with that time if you aren't busy saving the free world. The anonymity affords you a chance to reevaluate your life … maybe to start that exercise program you’ve been telling yourself for years to try, begin or continue with your own education, find employment, volunteer more, or in my case, less. You are able to do anything without the huge cloud of past expectations hanging over your head. Or past failures.

So if you are stuck in the commitment hamster wheel, just hold on ... with the next PCS you will find that change of pace you desire, with no questions asked. A PCS blows New Year’s Resolutions out of the water. With grace.

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