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W-2s for Military, Retirees, and Civilian Employees Available Soon

W2 income tax form

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) has announced the release dates for 2018 tax documents. Once again, it is time to look at your W-2 and wonder where all the money went. Oh, and you also can use it to file your taxes.

Here is the release schedule:

Document Date available on myPay Date Mailed
Retiree 1099R Dec. 19, 2018 Jan. 11, 2019
Annuitant 1099R Dec. 21, 2018 Jan. 11, 2019
Reserve Army, Navy, Air Force W-2 Jan. 5, 2019 Jan. 14, 2019
Reserve & Active Marine Corps W-2 Jan. 11, 2019 Jan. 14, 2019
Federal Civilian Employee W-2 Jan. 19, 2019 Jan. 24, 2019
Active Army, Navy, Air Force W-2 Jan. 22, 2019 Jan. 23, 2019

Documents are available on DFAS's myPay website long before they are mailed. DFAS recommends that you should sign up for electronic document delivery. Not only are your documents available earlier, you'll have an online copy should a paper copy get misplaced.

If you don't have a myPay account, you should sign up for one. With myPay, there are many things you can do quickly and securely online. Check out our myPay page for details.

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