SBP Premiums Will Be Deducted From CRSC Payments

"To the order of me" -- close up view of United States Treasury check (Photo: Flickr/frankieleon)

If you receive Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and have the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), you will soon see a decrease in your CRSC payment.  

Beginning with this month's SBP premiums, DFAS will start deducting the monthly payments from CRSC when retired pay isn't enough to cover the full amount of the premiums.

This new deduction is due to a change in the law which requires DFAS to deduct SBP premiums from CRSC.

This change only affects retirees who receive CRSC and pay their SBP premiums via direct remittance. So, if you are getting CRSC and paying your SBP premiums yourself you can't do that anymore, the money will be automatically withheld from your CRSC payment.

Retirees who have their SBP premiums deducted from their VA or retired pay will not be affected.

DFAS says it will start deducting SBP premiums from the the April CRSC payment which will be paid on May 1. 

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