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Military Travelers Warned of Travel Card Scam

The Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) is warning Defense Travel System users of a new phishing scam targeting government travelers.

The finance center says that scammers are sending an official-looking email notifying some members that they weren't paid correctly for their last TDY, and that the person should click on a link to update their information.

Phishing is the deceptive practice of sending emails that appear to be from a reputable sender in order to dupe the recipient into revealing personal information, such as personally identifiable information and banking information.

The text of the bogus email reads as follows:

From: Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 8:48 AM To: Traveler, Joseph CIV USARMY <

Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Defense Travel System Refund Notification

Dear joseph traveler,

Due to a system error you were not paid correctly for your last temporary duty travel. We are contacting you to correct your account information. A refund process was initiated but could not be completed due to errors in your current unit information.

REF CODE: 0572

After your information has been validated, you should get a refund to your bank account within 3 business days. For additional information on this topic, please eMail your concerns or questions to:

Thank you for your service and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Defense Travel System Fort Belvoir, VA

Defense Travel System advises that they would never solicit information directly from a traveler. Should it ever need to update any records, DTS would advise the traveler to update the user information in the DTS application rather than providing an external link to update a record.

Also, the correct DTS email address is: (not .army). Consider all other addresses as suspicious, especially those ending in .army or .com.

As always, pay attention, the scammers are getting smarter every day. When in doubt contact DTS through the travel portal or delete the email. If it really is important, they will send you another one. 

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