VA Benefit Payments Calendar for 2018

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I got an email from the VA the other day telling me about payment dates for education, compensation, pension, and survivor’s benefits.

In the email, the VA says that normally benefits for a particular month are paid the first business day of the following month. When the first business day of the month falls on a non-business day or a holiday, VA benefits will be paid on the last business day prior to the first of the month.

That got me to thinking, what will the VA benefit payment dates for 2018 be?  Well I came up with a guide to let me know when I can expect that direct deposit to show up. Thought I'd share it with you.

2018 VA Benefit Payment Dates

Month Payment Date Day of the Week
January February 1 Thursday
February March 1 Thursday
March March 30 Friday
April May 1 Tuesday
May June 1 Friday
June June 29 Friday
July  August 1 Wednesday
August August 31 Friday
September October 1 Monday
October November 1 Thursday
November November 30 Friday
December  December 31 Monday

As you can see, there are four months when you will get two checks from the VA in the same month. That is good and bad, in those months you will have extra cash for your bills, but in the month after that you may be cut short unless you budget.

Remember, if you are getting the GI Bill your payments may vary from month to month depending on your school enrollment.

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