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December Commissary Off-Site Sales

The Defense Commissary Agency offers special sales like case lot sales and off-site sales.

Eligible to shop at the military commissary, but live far away from a physical commissary store? You should keep an eye on the Defense Commissary Agency’s (DeCA) Guard and Reserve Sales. These sales bring commissary products and prices to locations that don’t have a commissary store. They’re open to all eligible commissary patrons, including National Guard, reserve, active duty, retirees, and eligible family members - that’s why I like to call them remote location sales or off-site sales instead of the name that DeCA uses, Guard and Reserve Sales.

The month of December has just two off-site sales, probably reflective of the fact that everyone is busy this month! They also tend to be fewer during the winter months, as weather can make it hard to move trucks of products around the country.

The listings below include a link to the sponsoring physical commissary store. I recommend giving them a call before traveling to the sale site, as the listing doesn’t include times and you also want to confirm the address and that nothing has changed the details.

30 November to 2 December Camp Mabry Austin, Texas 78703 Sponsoring store: Fort Sam Houston

14-16 December Military Family Support Ctr 1901 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 200 Marietta, Georgia 30067 Sponsoring store: Robins AFB

These sales can be a great way to take advantage of your commissary shopping benefit without have to travel a distance to the nearest physical commissary store.

Have you ever attended one of these sales? I haven’t, because I’ve always lived near a Commissary, so I’m really curious what they look like, what sort of products they bring, and generally whether they are worth the effort. I imagine that they are similar to the regular Commissary case lot sales, but without so many cases. If you’ve been, please share your experiences.I’m really curious!


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