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October Commissary Remote Location Sales


Just in the nick of time, the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) has updated their website with the dates and locations of the October Guard and Reserve Sales. These sales are located at military installations that do not have a regular commissary. A nearby (which is always relative) store loads up a truck, or trucks, or even an airplane or a boat, with commissary products and sells them to all eligible commissary patrons. It is because these sales are open to all eligible patrons that I dislike the name Guard and Reserve Sales - I think it implies that these are only open to members of the National Guard and the reserves. And that's just not accurate! These sales are open to all eligible commissary shoppers, including active duty, retirees, National Guard, reservists, and their commissary-authorized dependents.

There's a pretty robust calendar for October. In each listing, there is a link to the sponsoring store. I encourage you to contact that store to verify specific locations and operating hours, and to make sure that there aren't any scheduling changes. It'd be a bother to travel to one of these sales and discover that it had to be postponed or cancelled!

October 5th through 8th Houston, Texas  77034 75th Training Command 10949 Aerospace Avenue Sponsoring Store: Fort Sam Houston

October 13th through 14th Dublin, California 94569 Camp Parks Army & Airforce Exchange 670 Davis Street Sponsoring Store:  Travis AFB

October 19th through 21st Marietta, Georgia  33067 Military Family Support Center 1901 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 200 Sponsoring Store:  Robins AFB

October 20th Devil's Lake, North Dakota 58301 Camp Grafton 4417 Hwy 20 Sponsoring Store:  Grand Forks AFB

October 20th through 22nd Hilo, Hawaii 96720 Armed Forces Reserve Center Gym 1304 Kekuanoa Street Sponsoring Store:  Pearl Harbor

Oct 26th through 28th North Little Rock, AR 72199 Camp Joseph T. Robinson Chappell Armory, Bldg 3000 Sponsoring Store:  Little Rock AFB

These sales can be a great way to stock up on commissary products and prices without having to schlep a distance (or to a different island) to a bricks-and-mortar commissary store.  Happy shopping!

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