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Do You Have Questions For USAA?


Next week, I'm traveling to the USAA mothership, I mean, headquarters for their yearly gathering of media and money folks.  We get to hang out in the enormous building (it is three-quarters of a mile long), learn about the neat stuff they are doing behind-the-scenes, and walk a lot (did I mention the three-quarters of a mile?).

Full disclosure as required by law, because the Federal Trade Commission has strong feelings about this:  I have numerous accounts with USAA, including insurance, banking, and investment.  USAA pays for my flights, accommodation, and meals while I'm there.   I'll probably come home with some USAA-logo stuff.  However, anything I say about USAA is my personal opinion and is based upon my actual experience with the company.

I've been to USAA a few times before, and it's always an educational event.  My favorite part, after the breakfast burritos, is the time when I get to corner various execs and ask them questions.  Sometimes, they're tough questions, other times I think they might just be annoying.  Honestly, I'm surprised they keep inviting me back.  Why do you keep asking me about life insurance?  What's the point in all the advertising you do?  Why does my car insurance keep going up?  When will you start offering business checking?

It's not just my questions that I ask.  I also ask questions for readers like you.  But in order to ask them, I need to know what the questions are!

So, please let me know those burning questions that you've been wanting to ask USAA.  Don't be shy!  Like your teachers always said, "If have a question, there's a good chance that other people in the class have the same question."  You can send your questions and comments to me via email at, or leave them here in the comments.  I will do my best to get answers for you, and all the other kids in class.

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