2017 Navy Federal Credit Union Pay Availability Dates


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Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) can be confusing when it comes to paydays. There are two reasons why it is confusing. First, NFCU has two different pay posting dates, depending on the type of checking account you use. Second, NFCU uses an unusual posting system.  Understanding this will help you understand the 2017 Navy Federal Pay Availability List at the end of this post.

Two Different Paydays

NFCU, like many military friendly banks and credit unions, offers early direct deposit as a courtesy to its military customers. However, NFCU only offers this benefit to members who use an Active Duty Checking account. Members who have their military pay deposited into any other type of checking account do not receive early direct deposit. This can cause confusion when a friend, neighbor, or co-worker says they've been paid but you have not.

Active Duty Checking is Navy Federal's checking product designed specifically for active duty service members. It offers many different benefits, including early direct deposit. If you're not sure what type of checking account you have, you can check your online account access, call, or stop by a branch. Similarly, if you don't have Active Duty Checking, it is very easy to change your account type online, via the telephone, or in person.

Pending, Posted, and Available

NFCU shows pays in several steps in the process. When they receive and process pay deposit information, it will show up on your account as pending. While this usually happens before payday, pay does not show as pending every single time. Then, the night before the designated day, NFCU posts your deposit to your account. After it is posted, it will be available for use on the designated day.

Here's are some screenshots of how you will see a pending deposit on your online account.  The first one shows up at the top of your account activity log:


This one will show up in the right hand column of your account page:


It often causes confusion when people see that their pay posted a day before it was available for use, particularly if they looked online on that day and did not see the money in their account. Deposits are posted at the end of the night, so the money wasn't available even though your statement will show it as a deposit on that date.

2017 Pay Availability Dates

Now that you understand how NFCU works, you'll be able to use this pay calendar.  The dates listed are the day that the pay will be available for use.  It will be pending before this date, and it will post the night before this date.

You can click on this chart to make it larger.  It is two different images.


If you have questions or comments, please let me know.  I know that sometimes NFCU is a little hard to grasp.

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