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December Commissary Remote Location Sales


It's a quiet month for the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA's) Guard and Reserve Sales program, which I like to call remote location sales.  This program brings a truck (or several) of commissary products and prices to National Guard and reserve locations that are located away from regular commissary stores.

The sales, however, are open to more than just National Guard and reserve service members and their families.  All eligible commissary patrons may shop at these sales, including retirees, recruiters, National Guard, reservists, and active duty that are living away from a base, plus all their eligible family members.

December 9


Guard and Reserve

Bend Armory

875 SW Simpson Ave

Bend, OR 97702-3113

December 15-17

Guard and Reserve

Military Family Support Ctr

1901 Terrell Mill RD Ste 200

Marietta, GA 30067

The hyperlinks in each sale listing will take you to the webpage for the sponsoring bricks-and-mortar commissary store.  Please call them for more details, such as hours of operation, and to confirm that the sale hasn't been postponed or cancelled.  This is particularly important when winter weather may make the transportation of the products difficult.  It'd be awful to drive a distance to get to one of these sales only to find out that it wasn't happening!

Commissary shopping privileges are a great benefit of military service, and it's a bummer when you don't live close enough to a commissary to use it.  Even though they are sporadic and may only come to your area every couple of years, these remote location sales are better than no commissary access at all.  The selection will vary, but you can usually stock up on non-perishables at better-than-typical-grocery-store prices.

Because I've always lived near a commissary, I've never been to one of these sales.  I'd love to hear about your experiences.  You can email me using the link to the left.  Thanks!

Every month, I struggle to find a good image for the remote location sales post.  If you go to one, would you take a couple of pictures and send them to me?  I would be super-appreciative.

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