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November Commissary Remote Location Sales


In November, the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) has a full schedule of special sales at non-commissary locations.  DeCA calls these special sales Guard and Reserve Sales; I call them remote location sales because I worry that DeCA's name will make some people think that they can't shop at these sales.  During these sales, a commissary store will load up a truck, or several, with commissary items and prices and bring it to a military facility that doesn't have a commissary.  These sales are open to all eligible commissary patrons, including active duty families, retirees, reservists, and National Guardsmen and their military ID-carrying family members.

I've never seen this before, but some of the locations below have an "Order Now" button.  I went through one of these, and it is fascinating for two reasons.  First, how cool is it to be able to pre-order the items you want to buy.  Second, it allows you to do comparison shopping before the sale date so that you can be sure that you will be getting the best possible deals.  Unfortunately, the interface is messy and the product descriptions are poor.  It's better than nothing, though.

3-5 November 2016

Guard and Reserve

5015 N 34th Street

Forest Park, GA 30297


4-6 November 2016

Army and Air Force National Guard

HAFRC 1956 Mt Majo St.

Fort Harrison, MT 59636


5-6 November 2016

Guard and Reserve

National Guard

789 Vermont National Guard RD

Colchester, VT 05446


14-15 November 2016

Guard and Reserve

Hancock Field

Bldg 651 Bullard Ave, Pavement and Grounds

Syracuse, NY 13211

Order Now


17-19 November 2016

Guard and Reserve

Military Family Support Ctr

1901 Terrell Mill RD Ste 200

Marietta, GA 30067


18 November 2016

Guard and Reserve

Camp Grafton

4417 Hwy. 20

Devil's Lake, ND 58301


22 November 2016

Guard and Reserve

Combined Arms Training Ctr

Camp Fuji, Japan

PSC 564 Box 80, FPO AP 96387-001

Order Now


The links in each listing will take you to the sponsoring commissary store's website, where you will find contact details.  Be sure to telephone the location before the sale to confirm locations, dates, and times, and to make sure that the sale items arrived for the sale.  As we head into winter, the possibility of weather-related schedule changes increases.

If one of these sales is near you, consider doing a little pantry stocking of commissary products at commissary prices.

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