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Kate Is Clueless: Cutting Cable

So, we've been overseas for five years, and we've been staying with my mom since we returned.  Our renovation project is getting closer to complete, and we're starting to plan for move-in things.  One of the many issues is whether or not we want to have any sort of television service.  I hear people talk about cutting cable, and I'm confident it can be done, I'm just not sure how.

We're not huge TV watchers, and we've gone without cable before.  In our last two overseas moves, we went TV-less until college football season, when we finally hooked up the Armed Forces Network (AFN.)  However, my kids are all older teens, and developed an interest in TV, and then we still need that college football.  We haven't had a DVR in over six years, and we didn't really use it when we had it, so I'm pretty sure that isn't a necessary thing.

I've heard people say that they pay $120, $140, and over $200 each month just for cable television, and that's just not happening in this household.  There are at least 2,000 other things on which I would rather spend that kind of money.  Crazy.

I've asked around, and gotten what seems like good advice, but it still all seems like jibberish to me.  People have suggested Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and apparently I need a Roku?  Or maybe Sling TV?  Or an HD TV?  I'm sort of digging the idea of an old-fashioned antenna, but I think they're different and may not be as nostalgic as I imagine.  We have a perfectly good TV, but it isn't fancy-pants, and I would be willing to buy a new one if it were a capital investment that would allow us to save money in the long run.

So, I'm asking for your help.  If you've cut cable, what are you using to get the programs you want?  I'd appreciate it if you'd be specific and use small words - this stuff boggles me.  If you still have cable, can you explain what you can't get without it?  (Who knows, maybe another reader will be able to help you save money in this department.)

With TV a low priority in my house, I'm not willing to spent $100 or $200 each month on cable.  Help me out!

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