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Amazon Prime 32% Off, One Day Only


Have you ever wondered if Amazon Prime is a good deal for you and your family?  If you've been wavering about purchasing Amazon Prime, this Friday might be the right time to take the plunge.  For one day only, a one year Amazon Prime membership will be just $67 for first-time buyers.

In case you haven't heard about Amazon Prime, or you are unsure about what-all is included with a Prime membership, here's a short run-down of the basics of Amazon Prime:

  • free two-day delivery of 20 million items with no minimum purchase requirements,
  • unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows on all your devices,
  • unlimited music streaming,
  • unlimited photo storage,
  • over 500,000 free book titles,
  • and early access to certain sales events.
Plus, as I've mentioned before, Amazon Prime members seem to enjoy special access and prices on certain high-demand products.

It is hard to know whether an Amazon Prime membership is the right choice for your family.  I've resisted getting Amazon Prime over the years because it hasn't seemed worth the effort.  I get free shipping by grouping my orders together, and we've not missed music, movie and TV streaming because we've never had it in the first place.  However, it seems like our life is changing in such a way that Amazon Prime may make more sense for us.  I'm not planning to get cable television when we get settled in our new house, so maybe the Prime video options would be good for us.  And we do purchase some books, so the free titles might save us some money.  I'll have to think about it some more, but maybe it is time for our household to join the Prime community and see if we find those benefits useful.  With savings of $32, this Friday might be the right time to check it out.

Do you have Amazon Prime, or have you had it in the past?  Would you recommend it to other readers?  What benefits do you use the most?  Is there anything we should know that isn't obvious?  Please let us know in the comments, and thanks for your advice!

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