Career Training for Veterans and Spouses


Looking for training to help make it easier to find work? The Veterans Career Transition Program (VCTP) is open to veterans and transitioning service members, and the spouses of veterans and active duty service members.  VCTP is a program of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University.  VCTP offers a wide variety of classes and certifications for job-seekers and those looking to enhance their careers, including specialized Information Technology (IT) classes and professional skills to strengthen your resume and help you through the job search process.  In addition, certain industry certification classes can have their exam fees covered by the VCTP program.  It's really excellent.

“The Veterans Career Transition Program (VCTP), operated by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, is delivered at no cost to post-9/11 veterans, their spouses, and spouses of active duty military,” says Laura Cooper, VCTP program manager, who added that the program, including exam fees, is completely paid for thanks to a grant received from JPMorgan Chase & Co. “It is important to point out that participants do not need to utilize any of their military related benefits such as the post 9/11 GI Bill.”

“VCTP offers solutions to the challenges our veterans and their families face when transitioning from the military to careers in civilian business/industry, government and other careers,” adds Cooper.

All classes are available completely online, from any location, and come with an academic advisor to help you maximize the benefit you receive from the classes.  You learn as part of a group, or cohort, with new cohorts starting classes every three months.

Wayne Westervelt, IVMF Director of Communications, says, “Through online courses—accessible from any location, at any time–participants will learn how to translate education, experience, skills and training from the military to civilian environment, enabling them to be more competitive candidates for recruitment and hiring.  Participants of one or more of the various tracks offered will gain an understanding and insight into the corporate culture of civilian business/industry, government and other civilian sector employment opportunities.”

Students who complete the classes receive Syracuse University non-credit certificates of completion, and more than 2,500 students received certificates in 2014.

Here are some comments from VCTP graduates:

Jeremy Stewart started VCTP in April 2014.  Within two months of obtaining his Project Management Professional (PMP) credential by way of the VCTP, Jeremy was offered and accepted a job as a Senior IT Project Manager.  Jeremy feels strongly that VCTP contributed to his current success and his job placement. “I was made aware of the VCTP through a friend still on active duty in the Air Force.  I would not have been qualified for the position without my certification and the VCTP course was essential in helping me prepare for the exam. I have since taken the Security+ course and exam with the same level of success. I have recommended VCTP to numerous other veterans. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate and the new avenues VCTP has opened up for me professionally.”

Robert Panas started the Veterans Career Transition Program in October 2014. He entered the program as an active duty Army Infantry Officer.  In February 2015, just four months after starting VCTP, Panas was able to complete the project management courses and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam through the Project Management Institute. Here’s what Panas has to say about VCTP:  “When I learned about VCTP in the Army Career and Alumni Program, I found the method to translate my military skills into civilian recognized certifications.  I earned a certification desired by the Fortune 500 Company that hired me due to training received through VCTP.  I am continuing on to the Six Sigma training that will further prepare me for my career in manufacturing.  Thank you VCTP!”

Daniel Krautheim, recently separated from the Air Force:  “With VCTP’s help, I was able to plan out my year to complete certificates in Human Resources, Six Sigma, and still had time for project management. When the training at Syracuse University was a topic of interest during my interview process, I knew I made a great choice completing the HR certificate through VCTP.  After adding a single line to my resume, highlighting my HR certificate, I was interviewed and hired within 30 days. The credential gave me the boost I needed to compliment my experiences with relevant education. Completing the VCTP added more value to my resume than my 4-year degree. VCTP is exactly what veterans need to catapult their civilian careers.”

To learn more about the VCTP program, or to apply for the next cohort, visit the IVMF website.

I have attended two different trainings offered by IVMF, and I can tell you that everything they offer is at the highest level of learning.  In addition, their staff truly cares for veterans and their families.  I can't recommend IVMF programs enough!

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