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Three Ways To Save on Moving A Propane Tank


Yet another minor inconvenience of moving is having to deal with the propane tanks used for gas grills.  Now, we've never had a gas grill, so I'm not an expert.  I am, however, a decent reader, and I have a lot of friends who help me understand things that I haven't actually experienced.  Moving a propane tank can be one more hassle, but I have some tips for making it easier.

I remember back a bjillion years ago, before our first move, when friends were embarking upon their first move.  In addition to all the other things they had to do, they had to have their propane tank certified as empty in order to be moved with their household goods.  As far as I know, that is still an option, but it is one more thing to do and you have to pay to have it certified empty.

However, there are other choices, as well.  As I said, I have not used these myself, so please check all details before you make any decisions!


Per the AAFES website, they have a program where you can turn in your Blue Rhino tank at a participating AAFES location and receive a rebate form to use when you purchase a new tank at your new location.  The rebate is for $20 off the new tank, which brings the price to about the same amount as a refill.

I've asked around, and people are reporting various levels of success with this program.  At least one person was unable to turn in the old tank because the location had too many tanks.  I don't know if that was a one-time situation, or if there are quotas or limits for each location.

Blue Rhino

Per a comment left on a Facebook post, Blue Rhino will rebate up to $20 of the purchase price of a new tank after a move.  According to the comment,

We have a program called "Rhino on the Move". This program allows our customer to drop their cylinder off to any of our retailers (only 1 tank per household per move; 2 per Military families). There is no need for a receipt at that time. When you get to your new location, purchase one of our new filled cylinders. Send us the original or a copy of the receipt to:

Blue Rhino "Rhino on the Move" Customer Service Department 5650 University Parkway Suite 400 Winston-Salem , NC 27105

We will then mail you a check for $20 to help defray most of the cost between an exchange and the purchase. In most cases, that would put you back at an exchange cost.

If you need additional help, please let us hear from you (1-800-258-7466 Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-6, or Sun 11-5 est. time).

Not to be used on the same purchase, Blue Rhino has a $3 rebate program for any tank purchase.  You can find the details at their website.

I called Blue Rhino and talked to a super-cheerful customer service representative who assured me that the Rhino on the Move program still exists, and we can use it.  Cool, huh?


Another option is to sell your tank to someone else.  Details vary by company - with some companies, you're only borrowing the tank and should get a deposit back when you return it.  With other companies, you own the tank and are free to sell it to someone else.

In most towns, and especially at a busy military base, there are likely to be people who are looking for a new tank.  Base websites, bulletin boards, yard sales, Facebook and Craigslist are all ways that you could find someone in need of a new tank.

During moving season, every dollar counts.  Saving money on your new propane tank is one way to keep costs down, and hopefully help with the stress, too!  Both the Blue Rhino and resale options are available to non-military, so be sure to let all your moving friends know.

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