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Kate Is Clueless: Cutting Hair


So, if you've been hanging around The Paycheck Chronicles a while, you may have heard that I have four daughters.  Each with long, super-thick hair that grows fast.  And my husband has short, super-thick hair that grows fast.  Haircuts are sort of a big deal in this house, to the point where I factor the girls' hair into my budget, and procrastinate when they want a haircut.

Until today.

A couple of summers ago, one child let my mother trim her hair, and it went much better than I expected.  And a couple of weeks ago, another child started asking if I could "just cut her hair."  Since they have simple, straight cuts, I decided to give it a go.  I figured that the worst thing that might happen is that we would have to go to the beauty shop to get it fixed if I messed up too bad.  (We have an "it's only hair, and it'll grow back" philosophy in this house.)

I did determine that I wasn't comfortable with any of the scissors that we already owned, so today I picked up a $20 pair of hair shears at the drugstore.  They're probably not the best possible tool, but they seem good enough and they're still sharp because they are new.

And that's how I found myself cutting hair this evening.

You know what?  It was fine!  I know that I am lucky because having a ton of hair means that it doesn't have to be perfect, but I am pretty impressed with myself.  Yes, I spent $20 on the shears, but a haircut on our base, with the long hair surcharge, is almost $30 before the tip.  I've saved money, and I've only cut one person's hair!  I'm nowhere near confident enough to actually do it, but I am (gasp) considering buying some clippers and seeing if I can NOT butcher my husband's hair.  That's a big jump from my straight-across, tons of hair girls, but maybe?

I know that a lot of you probably cut your spouse's or children's hair at home.  Have you been doing it a long time?  Any shocking blunders?  Tips or tricks that you can share?

And how much money do you think you've saved over the years?  I'm thinking that this could really add up over time.  I would love to hear all your success stories and build up my confidence a little.  Thank you for sharing!


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