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Free ACT, SAT, and LSAT Prep Programs


Do you have a child that will be taking the SAT or ACT in upcoming years?  Are you thinking of taking the LSAT?  You definitely want to take advantage of nearly free SAT, ACT, and LSAT preparation programs available to dependents of active duty and retired military, and also to any students who study at a Department of Defense schools.  A fascinating collaboration between NFL players, Major League Baseball players, and the eKnowledge corporation, this program offers almost free SAT and ACT test programs, and a significant discount on their premium packages.

Interested?  You can order the software via the eKnowledge website.   I will say, I struggled a bit with the website, as I kept having quantity two and then when I tried to fix it, I would have quantity zero, but eventually I got it worked out.

While the basic programs themselves are "free," there is a fee of about $20 for each basic package purchased.  I think they used to call it shipping and handling, but since many of the options are online only it is called a "student fee."  There are also a wide variety of upgraded packages at significant discounts from the regular list prices.  The prices are about 80% off.  While they're still not free, that is a lot of savings!

My family hasn't taken advantage of this offer yet, though it has been on my to do list for some time.  Do any of you have any experience with this program?  What did you think?  One important question that I have is whether you need to purchase multiple packages if you have more than one student who needs to use the program.

Test prep programs can be very expensive.  This deal could be the ticket to significant savings, even if it is not exactly free with the student fees.

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