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Army, Kids & Deployment: $50 Survey

If you're an Army spouse with children currently ages 3 to 7 years old, researchers at Wayne State University would like your input into a survey assessing the role of parental deployment on parent and child well-being.  Information obtained will advance the understanding of child development and help identify the needs of military families facing deployment.  And you can make a little money for doing participating!

The website gives you a form to enter basic eligibility questions.  If eligible and selected for this project, you will fill out an online survey "which includes a series of questions about your views of how your preschooler/young school age child is changing and developing and questions about how you are doing during your partner’s deployment." The survey process is estimated to take about one hour.    Your answers will remain anonymous and confidential.  You will be paid $50 for the time to take the survey.  The program will ask for your name and address solely for the purpose of sending payment.

Project CAPS (Child Adjustment to Parental Separation) is a Department of Defense-funded research project located at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.   Researchers Drs. Julie Wargo Aikins and Deane Aikins are hoping to better understand the impact of soldiers’ deployments on spouses and young children.   Questions may be directed to the lead researcher, Dr. Julie Wargo Aikins at (313)-664-2547.   The website has a good information page, as well.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, I encourage you to participate.  $50 is great for an hour's work, and you'll be helping the larger military family with data to inform decisions about policies and programs.  I'm not sure if there if they will be closing the survey at a particular time, or after a certain number of surveys have been received, so don't procrastinate.  I'd hate to see you miss this good deal.

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