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Win A Copy of Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads


You may remember me talking about a website that told stories of people who had their finances wrecked by family members (or friends).  Now, there is a book!  Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads is a smart, occasionally fun, and frank look at the different ways that bad stuff can happen when you mix money, trust, and the people you love.  Valerie Rind shares more than just stories, weaving together sociological insights and legal considerations to help you fully understand what is happening.

Even better, you can win an autographed copy for yourself.  Through Goodreads, you can win an autographed copy of Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads.  The contest is open through 31 January, so don't procrastinate.  It will take just a moment to enter.

If you don't win, you can pick up a copy through Valerie's website or

I have always liked the Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads website, but I was simply amazed by the book.  I recommend it for anyone who might be struggling with family-related financial issues, or anyone who helps anyone else with their money.

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