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2015 BAH Rates Available


Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates for 2015 have been posted, and you can look up the new rate for your area at the BAH Charts located here at

2015 BAH RATES (1)Rates across the country have risen an average of 0.5%, which is actually surprising considering the changes in the way that the rates are calculated and the falling housing prices in much of the country.  Areas with large losses in BAH include the Fort Huachuca, Arizona, with a loss of about 11%, and Ogden, Utah, with a fall of around 8%.  Rates are climbing in San Diego, California, with an 8% average increase, and Travis Air Force Base, California with a 7% average increase. Areas just outside of Washington, DC, such as Quantico, Virginia and Fort Meade, Maryland, have big decreases as well.

To understand the full process of how BAH is calculated, read The BAH Formula.

My friend Rob from The Military Financial Planner made himself a little spreadsheet, and by his calculations, 190 locations had an average increase, and 155 locations had an average decrease.  He (and I) say average because rates go up and down across the ranks.  Rob said that his general sense is that a lot of lower ranks had their BAH increase while more higher ranks will see their BAH go down.

Don't forget that BAH rate protection means that most people will never have their BAH decrease during a tour in the same area.

Do you have questions?  Ask away, and I'll try to answer!

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