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Don't Buy Magazines at the Store


How many magazines does your family like to read?  How many do you get, but they just stack up in the corner, unread?  Changing the way you buy magazines can result in a huge savings on your reading bill.

There are two separate issues here...getting magazines that you don't read, and buying them at the store vs. getting a subscription.  And both are easy fixes!

First, look at what you are getting and what you are actually reading.  If it is not being read, cancel it!  If you're feeling wishy-washy about cancelling, then take a little time to see what the magazine offers online.  I've discovered that for nearly everything I read, 98% of the material is available online, and it doesn't take up space in my house.  Another option is to split the subscription with a friend or neighbor.  Growing up, I had two neighbors who shared a newspaper subscription.  I didn't understand at the time, but it was a great idea for a little newspaper that could be read in a half hour.

Second, if you are buying magazines at the store, definitely get a subscription.  A typical discount yearly magazine subscription costs the same amount as 2-3 single issues, and great deals abound.  In addition to online deals, you can sometimes get free magazines with airline or credit card points, or other promo deals.  Spend just a few minutes looking at sites like Best Deal Magazines or Discount Magazines to see what prices they're offering.  Just don't get excited and subscribe to a bunch of new ones!  Be sure to go through your shopping rebate sites like Ebates to get the best deals.

Once you're done with your magazines, be sure to pass them on to your local library, doctor's office, or school.  This will get them out of your house and provide more value for others.

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