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Sometimes I am just amazed at the amount of free stuff that is available in this world.  The internet has made it even easier to track down discounts and freebies.  If you have a little bit of extra time, you can supplement some of your regular purchases with things that you've gotten for free.  These include promo items, toiletries, and foodstuffs.

What do I mean?  With a little searching, you can find all sorts of lists of free things.  Entire websites are devoted to free stuff, including The Freebie Blogger and Free Stuff Finder. maintains an ongoing Free Stuff list.  Some company websites have a regular free stuff section, like Walmart.  With a little effort, you can keep your postman busy and fill your cupboards with little bottles of shampoos, over-the-counter medicine, snack bars, and all sorts of random things.

Nearly all offers will require an email address, and I suggest that you open a free address (like the ones at specifically for these offers.   There is no need to clutter up your regular email box with advertising!

I go through spurts where I get quite a few free samples, then I stop signing up for a while.  I find these small sizes to be great for traveling, offering guests, moving, stocking stuffers, or donating to the food bank or shelters.

If you have a little spare time, you might find that freebie "shopping" is a good way to spend it.  Let me know if you get anything really great!

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