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The Post I Wish That I Had Written


Every once in a while, I read a post and am immediately jealous that I didn't write it myself.  This happened today, when my email showed me the latest post at The Military Guide:  Military Discounts Are Not Entitlements.  I don't know the author, Rick Kuehn, but when we meet (and we will, it's a small world), there's a really good chance I might forgo the usual handshake for a full-on hug.

Rick eloquently makes a point that I have tried to stumble through many time:  military discounts are a wonderful thing, and the people who offer them are really kind, and some companies don't, and don't be a jerk about that.  See?  I couldn't even make it sound good there.

Across the Paycheck Chronicles, and across, there are conversations about the discounts that various companies do and do not give to military service members, retirees, veterans, and family members.  I have been shocked and amazed at the level of anger and amount of negativity I have seen in comments and forum postings.  "I'll never shop there again" and "treated like a second class citizen" are two things I see said over and over.

C'mon folks, let's be adult and dignified and gracious.  Ask for, and accept, the military discounts.  Say thank you when they are available.  Say something cheerful and positive when they're not.  "Oh, well."  "Have to ask."  "No problem."

Represent the military well, people.

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