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Free Military Money Book


Renowned financial advice author Jean Chatzky has just released her latest book, all about military money, and she's offering it for free in electronic format.

Operation Money contains chapters on:

  • budgeting,
  • debt,
  • credit,
  • homeownership,
  • cars,
  • savings,
  • investing,
  • insurance,
  • college,
  • separating from the military, and
  • caregiving considerations.
I'll have to admit - I was skeptical when I first heard that a non-military author was going to write about military issues.  After the way Suze Orman has repeatedly demonstrated her complete lack of understanding about military benefits, I usually want to hear my military financial advice from someone who has a vested interest in knowing what they're talking about.

However, Chatzky seems to have done a bang-up job on her research, and clearly has had the input of some people who really understand military issues.  She even talks about the various retirement systems with confidence.

This is a generous offer and a wonderful resource for military families.  Take advantage of it by downloading Operation Money today.

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