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Florida Virtual School for Military Families


I've just learned about another great resource out there.  This one is FREE for Florida residents, and available for a charge to non-residents.  Considering how many military families maintain Florida residency, this has the potential to benefit a lot of people.

Military kids have a wide variety of different reasons to be searching for online classes.  Perhaps their moving has meant that they've missed something, or they want to graduate early, or they are homeschooled but prefer to use a set curriculum.  There are a wide variety of online classes available, at a wide variety of costs.  Just in my family, we've tried a few, with varying levels of satisfaction.

And then I discovered the Florida Virtual School (FVS) program.

FVS is a comprehensive, state-run, K-12 school program.  All Florida residents may choose to use the Florida system for their educational needs, and that includes military families stationed away from the state.  You can choose to do an entire courseload, or just individual classes as needed.

Enrollment is a little tricky.  First, you enroll through the FVS system.  Then, depending on your situation, you might also have to register with your home county.  I had a little trouble convincing the secretary at our home county's Board of Education that, yes, we were actually residents despite the fact that we don't live there at this moment.  However, I really think that is just because we reside in a little county that doesn't deal with military people very often.

If you have kids who are looking at online classes for any reason, definitely investigate the Florida Virtual School options.  If you're a resident, the only cost will be your paperwork.  Non-residents can use the same program, via the Florida Global School, for a fee.

This program is going to save my family a lot of money, and it might be a good fit for your family, too.


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