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How To Pay Cash For A Car


In a recent article, I expressed my opinion that car payments should not be a way of life.  Not for military members, and not for anyone.  I got some interesting feedback from readers, and some people certainly disagree with me.  As someone who has had no car payment for years, I can't imagine going back to that budget drain.

This weekend, at the FinCon Financial Writer's Conference, I met a fellow named James .  He does a series of podcasts called Cash Car Convert, in which he attempts to convert people to the idea of paying cash for their cars.  James also includes some general "be responsible" messages in his podcasts.  Cash Car Convert wants to motivate you to create a life with no car payment, and then give you the tools to create that life.  As you can imagine, I really liked what he had to say.

James is up to episode 44 in his Cash Car Convert podcasts, and he's got a lot of fabulous information available to help all of us.  I especially appreciate that there is a written article to go with the podcasts, as I've never quite gotten into the podcast craze.

My favorite episodes include:

14 Steps To Your First Cash Car

Getting Out of The Car Payment Business

4 Reasons Not To Be An Average American

Cash Car Convert is a great resource for people needing the motivation to escape from the car payment trap, or to improve their financial lives in general.  (Hint:  these two things often go together without even trying.)  Listen to, or read, an episode or two and see if your attitude towards consumer debt changes.  Use the tips provided, and then go out there and discover how great it can be when you have no car payment!  I promise, it is an awesome feeling.


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