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Add More Coupons To Your Rewards Card


I recently learned a neat little trick for saving additional money using your Commissary Rewards card.  SmartSource, one of the largest distributor of manufacturer's coupons, has a way to add selected online coupons to your Commissary Rewards card, and it is really easy.

First, go to the Smart Source Direct2Card website.  Enter your Commissary Rewards card number and zip code there, and select the coupons you'd like to add to your card.  You don't even have to remember your password.

In one quick visit, I found coupons for about $5 in products that I regularly purchase, and another $5 in coupons for items that I buy occasionally.  Even if I only use half of the coupons I clipped, that's $5 in savings for about 5 minutes of work.  That's a pretty good rate of return.

I find it works best for me if I just clip every possible coupon, and swipe the card whether I think I have coupon items or not.  That way,  I don't have to remember what coupons are on the card, and I don't buy extra things just because I have the coupon.  Do you have a different strategy or trick for getting the most out of your Commissary Rewards card?  Please share with us all!


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