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2014-2015 Disney Military Deals


Disney Parks Blog has announced the military promotional tickets available for the 2014-2015 season at both the Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California.  Often called Military Salute or Armed Forces Salute, these specially priced Disney military deals allow military members and their families to enjoy Disney fun at a discounted price.

Walt Disney World, Florida

At Walt Disney World, Disney’s Military promotional tickets may be purchased from 25 August  2014 through 30 September 2015.   These tickets are valid from 28 September 2014 to 3 October 2015, so you'll have plenty of time to plan a trip.  There are blackout dates:  22 December 2014 through 2 January 2015, and 29 March 2015 through 9 April 2015.

Eligible patrons may may purchase Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets that come in three options:

  • 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets with Park Hopper Option, which allows access to more than one park per day, will cost $177 each, plus tax.
  • 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets with Water Park Fun and More Option, with access to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon among other resort activities, also $177, plus tax.
  • 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets with both options will cost $207 each, plus tax.

Disneyland, California

At Disneyland, tickets may be purchased from 25 August 2014 to 1 October 2015.  These tickets are valid from 28 September 2014 to 3 October 2014.   Tickets may not be used 25 December 2014 through 4 January 2015, or 29 March 2015 through 9 April 2015.

Disneyland U.S. Military Salute promotional tickets are 3-Day Park Hopper Tickets for $132 each.

Lodging Discounts

Both U.S. Disney locations also offer military families special room prices at select hotels.

Promotional pricing is available for most nights from 28 September 2014 to 3 October 2015.  The following dates are excluded from this offer:  27 November 2014 through 29 November 2014, 24 December 2014 through 31 December 2014, and 30 March through 4 April 2014.


Disney Military Promotional Tickets are available for purchase by eligible Service Members and their spouses. Eligible Service Members are active or retired members of the U.S. military, including members of the National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard and Reservists. Valid military ID is required to purchase and use these tickets, as well as to activate these tickets at the Walt Disney World Resort.

No more than six Disney Military Promotional Tickets may be purchased and activated by eligible Service Member or spouse. Eligible Service Members, spouses, other family members and friends may use these tickets; the Service Member or spouse must use one of the six tickets.   Tickets to Walt Disney World Resort are not valid until activated by the eligible Service Members or their spouses at a theme-park window.

These Disney Military Promotional Tickets are available at base ticket offices, often called Information, Tickets and Tours (ITT.)  For more information on these promotional tickets, visit Disney Military Offers or contact your local ITT office.

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