Back-to-School Brigade


It is so hard to believe that July is now Back to School month, but it is true.  I wanted to promote two sides of worthy project that helps military families with school supplies.  The Back-to-School Brigade is a Dollar Tree-sponsored program that collects donated schools supplies and furnishes them to military families via Operation Homefront.

operation homefrontIf you are shopping in a Dollar Tree store between now and 14 August 2014, please consider contributing to the Back-to-School Brigade.  Collection boxes will be available in each store.

If you are a military family who could use some assistance with school supplies, contact your local Operation Homefront field office to get more information about distribution events.  These events will be at different times around the country, to coordinate with the local school calendars.  You can also like the individual Operation Homefront field offices Facebook pages, but you'll get more timely information by contacting the field office directly.

Many thanks to the Dollar Tree, its generous patrons, and Operation Homefront for making the school shopping season a little less difficult for our military families.  Now in its sixth year, the Back-to-School Brigade helped Dollar Tree patrons donated more than $4.7 million of supplies last year.  That is a lot of paper and pencils, and a tremendous help for military families.

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