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J. Money Says, Try Hard!

My friend J. Money at Budgets are Sexy has an encouraging post reminding us all that doing your best is always better than doing nothing, and that you'll get good results even if you're performance isn't perfect.

In Do The Best You Can, Dummy, J talks about his attempts to improve his diet and exercise.  This attitude can obviously be extended to any number of subjects, including finances.

I like the way that this strategy focuses on the things that you HAVE accomplished, not the challenges, and makes it harder to quit when you have some mis-steps.

Taking on big financial challenges is hard work.  It is so easy to say, "I'll never save," or, "I'll never get out of debt," and just quit trying.  However, doing your best and sticking with non-perfection will almost always give better results that striving for perfection and giving up when things aren't up to your unrealistically high standards.

Love that J. Money - he's a smart guy!


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