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There are a million and one "frugal mommy blogs" on the internet, and I've talked about manyof them before.  I found a new site this weekend, and I thought that I would share it with you because it really lays out the frugal mindset.  A lot of people struggle with the way the couponing mind works.

There are two sides to money:  the earning and the saving.  While the biggest gains usually come from increasing your income, that isn't always an option.  When increasing income isn't going to happen, then you've got to focus on saving.  And once you've sweated the big stuff, it is time to focus on the little wins.

Most of the frugal mommy blogs are all about the little wins, and that's a good thing.  There is a world of financial goodness to come from clipping coupons, shopping sales, and strategic spending plans.  When my kids were little, those small steps were my big contribution to our family finances.

My find this week is I am That Lady, written by Lauren.  The blog's name comes from what people say in the grocery store when they get behind a woman with a pile of coupons.  It focuses primarily on couponing and bargain shopping, with some budgeting, meal planning, and other money saving topics thrown in.

While you can probably find some great specific deals here, I'm recommending it more as a "read through a whole bunch" to get a good understanding of how the stockpiling, couponing, and deal matching thought process works.

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