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Free Camps For Military Teens


I'll tell you what, sometimes I think my military kids have all the fun.  There are so many special offers and deals for them, my daughter has started calling them brat-perks.

There are two cool summer programs for military teens, and both of them have now been fully funded for the 2014.  One is the Military Teen Adventure Camp program, and the other is the Navy Teen Summer Camp program.  While they are similar, they have different eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and funding offers.

The Navy Teen Summer Camp program application deadline is next Wednesday, 14 May 2014.  This program was huge and very popular for several years, and then it lost funding.  The newest incarnation is significantly more limited but still has some great opportunities for teens aged 13 through 17.  Available camps include sailing, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, and other outdoor fun.  It is only available to Navy dependent children.  This program pays all the costs associated with the camps, including transportation.

The Military Teen Adventure Camp program is a cooperative effort between a several different groups.  The application deadline is different for each individual program.  Teens 14-18 are invited to apply for programs that include kayaking, horseback riding, ropes courses, and many other enticing options.  These camps do not include funding for transportation, but are otherwise free.  You can sort by date or by location.

The Military Teen Adventure Camp program offers camps all year round, and also has camps for children with physical or mental limitations, and also camps for families.  Be sure to see what might work for your family

My oldest daughter attended a camp through the Navy Teen program and loved it.  My other children are sad that they can't participate this year because the dates and locations don't agree with our local school calendar.  Maybe next year.

I hope that your families are able to take advantage of these programs.

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