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Commissary Rewards Now Offers Android App


I've had the Commissary Rewards card since they first came out, but I have been terrible about actually using it.  That's a huge loss, since the Rewards Card program has saved commissary patrons over 3.6 million dollars since to program began last year.  That's a LOT of MONEY!  My commissary friends have reported that the coupons are much better than when the program began, and I have been meaning to take a second look.

For this reason, I was super-excited to see that the Commissary Rewards program has added an Android app.  I won't carry the rewards card in my purse, as I'm super-minimalist.  I thought I had been keeping it in my coupon binder, but it wasn't there.  At least I usually remember my phone.  (Okay, I sometimes remember my phone.   Geesh.)

The press release said that the new app could be downloaded from the Google Play store.  I couldn't get it to work, but I think that is because we live in a rural area and our 3G was being wonky.  (I'll update tomorrow when I am in a more civilized connected area.)  UPDATE:  I went to the Google Play store on my computer, and sent the app to my phone.  It took about 30 seconds.  Yay!  You will have to log in to the app on your phone, so be sure you remember your password.

You can still access your account online, which I find is easier for browsing and "clipping" coupons.  I was pleasantly surprised to see some high value coupons for items that our family purchases regularly.  In about three minutes, I clipped 26 coupons.  Eight of those were for items that I buy regularly, and those coupons will save me $7.50 just by swiping my rewards card.

If you never signed up for a Commissary Rewards card, or you've not really used it, this would be a great time to give it a serious try.  It is quick, easy, and it saves you money.  What could be better?

Have you used the Commissary Rewards card?  Recently?  Have you saved money?  How about the iPhone app?  All reviews welcome!

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