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Joint Services Transcript Translates Jobs and Schools


The Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Services Transcript (JST) service helps former service members translate their military jobs and schools into a language and format that is easier for employers and universities to understand.

Service members acquire a wide variety of skills during their time in the military.  It can be nearly impossible to explain those competencies to people who don't understand the military.  In addition, if you are working within a structured system such as an employment process or university admissions and transfer credit granting process, documentation is going to be essential.  The JST provides an American Council on Education (ACE) approved, academically accepted document to validate military education and experience.  The JST also offers recommendations on appropriate granting of credits to correspond to the experience and education gained through service.

Veterans will have to register to gain access to the JST system.  Then, they can generate a transcript and authorize outside organizations to have access to the transcript.  This service is free to both the veteran and the transcript receiving organization.

Information included in the JST database may go back as far as 1974, though information prior to 1994 may be incomplete.

This could be a very valuable tool to help veterans explain their skills and knowledge, and to earn appropriate credit in order to further their education goals.  I am not able to access the service, so I can not tell you anything about the inner workings.  If you've used the JST, please share your experiences with all of us.

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