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Changes to Navy Sea Pay


Sailors earning Career Sea Pays will see larger paychecks come mid-May.  In March 2014, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced increases in Career Sea Pay (CSP) and Career Sea Pay Premium (CSP-P).

CSP is paid to those who are in sea billets, and is based upon pay grade and cumulative years of sea duty.  CSP-P is an additional pay for those who have been in a sea pay billet for more than 36 consecutive months.  In addition, senior enlisted sailors, E-5 to E-9, who have more than eight years of cumulative sea duty are entitled to a significantly higher CSP whenever assigned to a ship, but forfeit the extra CSP-P when those tours exceed 36 months.

CSP and CSP-P rates will increase on 1 May 2014.  CSP rates will increase by 25%, and CSP-P rates will increase from $100 per month to $200 per month.

Both increases are part of an overall effort to make sea duty more attractive and fill shortages in sea billets.  Sea pay can be a significant increase and hopefully this strategy will work.

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