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Still Don't Have Your 1099R?


I received a panicked email today from someone who needed their 1099R in order to file their federal income tax return.  The deadline is tomorrow, so it is sort of important.  There are five ways for retirees and annuitants to get a copy of their 1099R tax statement from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).  Click on the link in each section to receive more information about the method of 1099R retrieval.


myPay is your fastest and most secure option to obtain a copy of your 1099R and to manage your retirement account every day. Login to myPay, and print your 1099R out in the comfort of your own home.

Telephone Self-Service

If you can't get into your MyPay account, or you don't want to use MyPay, you may want to try the Telephone Self-Service option.   This requires that the address on file with DFAS be currently.  Telephone self service requests are logged instantly and are sent within three business days.


If your address on file is incorrect, the best way to update your address and request a new 1099R is through the Ask DFAS system.  Your new 1099R will be mailed 10 business days.

Regular Mail

If you prefer to do things via the mail, you may send  a written request by fax or mail. It may take us 30 to 60 days to process requests received by this means.

Telephone Representative Service

If your situation is complicated, or can not be handled through any of the other options, you may want to call a customer care representative.  Be warned that there is always a long delay.

If you are still searching for your 1099R, you probably need to file for an automatic extension of time to file your personal tax return.  This is done using IRS form 4868.  This automatic extension will push your tax return due date to 15 October 2014.  Please note that an extension of time to file does not give you an extension of time to pay.  If you anticipate owing money when your return is filed, you will need to pay that amount with your application for extension of time to file.

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