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Brad's Deals Has Some Serious Bargains


I have no idea when I signed up for this email list, but I've recently started getting emails from someone? something? called Brad's Deals, and that Brad sure does have some amazing offers.  In recent days, I've seen sweater twin sets from Macy's for less than $10, $10 off $30 plus 15% off at Kohls, and Maidenform bras at $11 each.

I'm not a huge fan of signing up for discount email lists because no one needs constant temptation to spend coming right into their email.  More accurately, no one needs MORE constant temptation to spend coming right to their mailbox; most of us get plenty as it is.

However, you don't have to sign up for the emails to use the Brad's Deals website.  It has a good search engine and you can look by coupons or by deals.  If you shop online, it pays (ha! punny!) to have as many tools as possible.  I'm pretty sure that Brad's Deals is a good tool to have.


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