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One Good Reason Not To Use The Military Star Card


Some people love the Military Star Card, and some people hate it.  I've always been in the middle...we use it for gas purchases on base because we save a few cents per gallon, and we use it at the food court because it offers 10% off purchases.  Other than that, I usually use other forms of payment.  Now I remember one of the reasons why the Star card isn't always your best option.

My family is hard on computers.  Really hard.  As I was getting ready to take one to the repair shop today, my daughter said, "Isn't it under warranty?"  I thought for a minute, and realized that she might be right.  We purchased it in July 2012, and it came with a one year warranty.  However, my go-to credit card is a Navy Federal Credit Union Visa Signature card.  It comes with automatic extended warranty coverage on your purchases.  Maybe the computer would be covered.

I pulled out my receipt and was quite disappointed to discover that I had paid for the computer with my Star card.  No additional coverage with that form of payment, particularly since they want you to purchase their extended coverage plans.

Even more disappointing is that I purchased a new laptop today, and paid for it with my Star card.  I'm hating it so far, so it might go back.  If it does, you can be assured that its replacement will be paid for with a credit card other than the Star card.


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