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Resolution Recheck


Well, it's February.  And it's Groundhog Day (Boo, Punxsutawney Phil).  And it is the Super Bowl.  All those things mean that we are well into 2014.

So, how are those resolutions going?

Here's the thing about New Year's Resolutions, or goals, or whatever you want to call them:  You have to keep monitoring the situation.  Doing great?  Awesome - pat yourself on the back.  Slacking off?  Use the check to get yourself back in line.

The most common goals are to get out of debt or to build a savings account.  Those are the two most important things you can do for your financial future, but neither of them are speedy fixes.  You've got to be committed over a period of time to make progress on either of those goals.

We didn't make any financial resolutions here, though we should have.  We need to be stashing away cash for our move back to the US in 2015.  Cars, house renovations, appliances - we're going to have a lot of competing needs all at the same time.  Planning now will make it less painful then.

So, now's the time to check your progress.  Look at your goals, and see if you've made any progress.  Now, think ahead.  What could you do differently in February to make more progress?

Share your successes and challenges in the comments.  Team Paycheck Chronicles will support you!

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